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 COE-Certified Inspection and Maintenance Program Launched
COE can help you avoid downtime and keep your equipment running at optimal productivity with our effective COE-Certified Inspection and Maintenance Program. Based upon a 210-point inspection checklist that covers all mechanical, electrical and controls components from both a visual and operational standpoint, we provide a thorough assessment of your current system.

During inspections, COE documents the condition of each critical component in the equipment and fixes any immediate issues. After the inspection, COE assembles a comprehensive field inspection report that delivers information on:

1. Repairs that were performed on-site during the inspection.
2. Actions that should be taken to prevent problems in the future.
3. Upgrades that can be provided to improve your productivity.

A preventative maintenance plan can add years of life to your feeds, straighteners and reels and help you delay new major capital investment. Call 586-979-4400, John Kwiatkowski to schedule an appointment or find out more.
 System and Equipment Upgrades
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With a simple upgrade of controls, you can gain productivity in affordable ways. COE's ServoMaster Plug-n-Run, Controls are designed to be quickly implemented into existing lines whether the original equipment is COE or produced by another manufacturer. COE's ServoMaster Controller, available in six different drive sizes for servo feeds from 2" to 8" in diameter and 6" to 78" in width, comes complete with everything necessary for a weekend upgrade.

Unfortunately, budget constraints don't always permit the capital investment in new equipment to meet these demands. COE Press Equipment provides a variety of press feeding equipment and system upgrades to improve your productivity. Field retrofits to existing lines include the following: linespeed increases, straightener capacity upgrades, feed direction changes, addition of coil containment devices, loop control upgrades, threading system improvements, and others.
 Parts and Service
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PARTS AND SERVICE: COE Press Equipment stocks and maintains a wide range of standard replacement and repair parts for our complete product line, with over half our orders shipped within 24 hours. For special parts, COE's vertically integrated manufacturing capability allows us to manufacture on-site to produce the parts you require efficiently and cost-effectively.

And, our unique "3-2-1" warranty provides three years of coverage on all parts manufactured by COE Press Equipment; two years coverage on all mechanical components originally installed by COE; and one year coverage on electrical parts.
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Field Service & Equipment Maintenance Programs
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No matter where you are in your coil feeding equipment needs, COE Press Equipment offers the most comprehensive 24/7 Technical Phone Support in the metal stamping industry today. Field service technicians are available to support new equipment installations, troubleshoot production issues, provide preventative maintenance, equipment repairs and rebuilds, and make recommendations for reconditioned coil feed lines, replacements and upgrades.

A service inspection by the COE service team can help increase your system productivity. We evaluate your equipment and provide you a detailed service report that outlines recommendations for increases in equipment uptime and overall operating efficiency.

Business Hours: 586-979-4400
After hours Technical Support Line 248-656-7930

 Technical Training
Our involvement with your success goes beyond just the development and installation of coil feeding equipment. COE Press Equipment can also support your organization with Customized Training and Education programs implemented at our offices or on-site at your facility. Our service technicians are trained to educate your team on the latest products and technologies available, helping you achieve maximum effectiveness from your equipment for increased productivity and quality.

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